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  • Taking on a puppy/dog is a life long committment. As a responsible breeder I take responsibility for every dog I breed for life. Should any person who purchases a puppy from me find at any time in thats dogs life that they are not able to keep it I will always take it back until a suitable home can be found. Below are listed some of my conditions when selling a puppy.
  • All prospective owners will be vetted as to suitability. In the case of someone who has not owned a Cairn Terrier before I will point out the breeds good and bad traits to make sure this really is the breed for them.
  • All my puppies are Kennel Club registered. I do however have these registrations endorsed, which means that the puppies aren't eligible to have any progeny registered at the Kennel Club and cannot be issued with an export pedigree (this does not stop owners taking pets abroad on holidays under the pet passport scheme). In the case of a puppy sold as a pet these endorsements will not be removed. In the case of a puppy sold for show I will remove the endorsement restricting breeding when the puppy is 12 months old and the new owner is sure they will be keeping it. All new owners are required at the time of purchase to sign a form confirming they have been made aware of these endorsements.
  • All our puppies are raised in the house. This allows for plenty of socialising and interaction between them and us and it also makes sure they are used to everyday household noises, like hoovers, washing machines, television.
  • All puppies leave with a comprehensive diet and advice booklet plus enough food for the first few weeks in their new home. I hope that the booklet will answer all questions but should any owner have any questions or worries I am always available on the phone.
  • No puppies leave until they are at least 9 weeks old. All puppies will have received at least the first injection towards their full vaccinations before leaving. They will also have had a full veterinary health check at the time of vaccination.
  • All puppies will be microchipped before they leave for their new homes.
  • All puppies will have been wormed at least 4 times before leaving for their new home and the advice booklet advises on further treatments.
  • All puppies will have received a full veterinary health check before leaving for their new homes. This check includes a plasma immonium slide, to ensure normal liver function.
  • All puppies leave with six weeks free insurance. I do recommend that new owners continue with this insurance.
  • At the time of purchase all new owners will be required to sign a form agreeing to contact me if they find they are unable to keep their dog. This applies for the whole life of the dog. Even if the owners have a new home for the dog I still need to be informed that they need to rehouse the dog.

Other things to remember. . . .

  • Cairn puppies are very cute but you must remember they are still very much a Terrier!
  • If you are a keen gardener is it going to bother you when your puppy or adult digs a hole(sometimes crater!) in your lawn or flower beds? Also there are certain types of plants and bulbs which are very toxic to dogs and can be fatal if eaten by your dog are you prepared to either remove these from your garden or fence them off so your dog cannot gain access to them? Also Cairns can be great escape artists! is your garden secure? if a Cairn can get its head through a hole the rest will usually follow.
  • How houseproud are you? Cairns do not shed coat excessively but you do get a certain amount of hair loss. Regular grooming will reduce this quite alot.If this is going to be a problem for you then this is not the breed for you. Your dogs coat will also need to be handstripped about twice a year.
  • Some Cairns are very good housedogs and can be vocal, some are noisier than others. If you live in a built up area do you have neighbours who are likely to complain about a dog barking?
  • Do you have enough time for a dog? All dogs not just Cairns will become bored if left for long periods on thier own. Boredom soon turns to destructiveness. It is also much harder to housetrain a puppy that is going to be left on its own for long periods.
  • Most if not all show breeders will be selling you a well reared and socialised puppy from parents who have good temperaments, you will also be buying from someone who has put a lot of work into their puppies and will be willing and able to answer all your questions on the breed and your puppy in general. Do not be offended if you are asked lots of questions by the breeder you contact. A lot of work goes into their puppies and they will just be trying to make sure that their puppy goes to the right home.
  • Cairns on the whole are a healthy breed with good stable temperaments. It is however important that you buy from a reputable breeder. You will usually have to pay more for your puppy when you buy from a show kennel it is worth it though. There are a few health problems that do occur in Cairns. By going to a responsible breeder you are much more likely to be buying a puppy that will not be affected by any of these conditions.
  • Please DO NOT think "oh I only want a pet" and buy from a commercial breeder or Puppy farmer. The conditions that some of these people's poor dogs and puppies live in are terrible. Every puppy these people sell just encourages their trade.
  • One way of making sure you are put in contact with a reputable breeder is to make contact through a Breed Club. All the Uk Cairn Terrier Breed Clubs have a puppy liaison officer, who has a list of Members of that club with puppies for sale. There are contact details below of the puppy liaison officers for all the mainland uk breed clubs.
  • Not everyone wants to take on a puppy. If you think an older dog would be more suitable the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund (CTRF) is a registered charity that rehouses displaced Cairn Terriers of all ages. There is a link to the CTRF on the links page.


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