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Cairn Terriers

Cairns have been apart of my life since 1986.  Since then numbers have increased somewhat! but due to limitations on space and time,and as all the dogs are house dogs,numbers are kept as low as possible. I try to keep numbers to less than 8 adults, plus a few youngsters coming on for the showring.

I only have a few litters a year, as puppies while being lovely are also very time consuming. Something I try to impress on prospective owners. Occasionally I will have a young adult available to the right home. This is usually someone who has not turned out for the showring or someone who has retired from the showring.

As a small kennel I am proud of the fact that I have been involved with the 6 Welsh bred & owned Cairns that have gained their titles.  The first, John and Barbara Bennetts CHAMPION SAMBABS MOONLIGHT SERENADE lived here and was handled and prepared by myself to her title in 1992. The second to gain her title, in May 2000, was my homebred CHAMPION TYCADNO COLUMBIA, a serenade grand daughter. The third CHAMPION TYCADNO WISHING ON A STAR gained her title in June 2007 and she is a Columbia grand daughter. The fourth is CHAMPION TYCADNO STARLET, Star's daughter, made up in May 2012. The fifth is CHAMPION/IRISH CHAMPION TYCADNO I SPY, Starlets son, made up in May 2014 and the sixth is CHAMPION TYCADNO MORNING STAR, Starlets daughter, made up in October2016.

In March 2006 I imported, with Liz Hooton (Penticharm), a young Male from the Rasken's kennel in Sweden. This dog is CHAMPION/ SwCh/ FinCh RASKEN'S ROMPING PLAYBOY, who has been a consistent winner and very quickly gained his UK title at the end of 2006. This makes him the first UK Champion for the Rasken's kennel and also the first Swedish bred Cairn to gain his UK Title. During 2010 I had Rasken's Riding Pawnee stay with me for 6 months and he very quickly gained his UK title, winning his 1st CC at the Cairn Terrier Clubs Centenary Championship show. This made him only the 2nd Swedish bred Cairn the gain his UK title and the first Swedish bred and owned Cairn to do so.

To date I have handled 8 Cairn Terriers to their UK Titles and numerous CC & RCC winners. I have used, what I believe, are some of the best bloodlines available in my breeding program. Incorporating British, Scandinavian and American Bloodlines. My aim when breeding is to produce dogs that are typical and close to the breed standard. Dogs that are sound in temperament, health and body.


I first judged Cairns in 1992. I was passed to award Challenge Certificates for the first time at South Wales Kennel Association in 2002 and have judged the breed at championship level eight times so far in the UK. At South Wales Kennel Association in 2002, Birmingham National Dog Show in 2004, Southern Counties Canine Association in 2005, Bath Canine Society in 2007, Scottish Breeds Canine Association in 2009, The Cairn Terrier Association in 2011, the North Of Ireland Cairn Terrier Club in 2013 and The Midland Cairn Terrier Club in 2015.

In 2005 I judged the Swedish Cairn Terrier Clubs Championship Show, this was my first time judging overseas. In 2006 I judged the breed in Southern Ireland for the Cairn Terrier Association of Ireland and also in Denmark for the Danish Terrier Club. In 2013 I judged for the Cairn Terrier Club of Victoria in Australia and in June 2016 I judged for the Cairn Terrier Club of Canada.

Where are we

We are situated in a small village called Penllergaer about 8 miles outside the city of Swansea in south west Wales. We have open countryside, woodland and the beaches of the Gower Peninsula all within a short walk or drive, which makes exercising the dogs very easy and enjoyable. There are links for Swansea & the Gower on the links page.

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